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  • Lemon Honey

    Lemon Honey

    Lemon Honey is all natural organic product prepared by infusing oil extracted from lemon fruits and infusing it with unprocessed honey. As a weight loss remedy, consume two spoons of lemon honey with Luke warm water early in the morning one hour before breakfast.


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    Turmeric Honey is special preparation made by using turmeric oil mixed with raw honey. Turmeric Honey daily can prevent cancer.


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  • Wild Honey


    Wild honey collected from the untouched forest of India away from modern human intervention where the flora and fauna are free from the pollutants and toxins of modern civilization. The native people collect wild honey from the wild forest of Western Ghats. The honey is dark and rich in taste and colour since the bees collect from the local wild flowers because of which the texture varies


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  • Ashwagandha honey

    Ashwagandha Honey

    Ashwagandha honey is made by blending ashwagandha with forest honey. Ashwagandha is one of the popular ayurvedic herb used as a Rasayana. Ashwagandha when mixed with honey can used as a stress buster. when ashwagandha honey mixed with milk taken at night helps to promote good sleep. It improves the reproductive system and increase vigour in men Ashwagandha Honey can  bring back your youthfulness


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  • honey for weight loss

    Honey for weight loss

    Honey for weight loss is a premium formulation, which is termed as slim honey helps you lose weight naturally with time-tested clinically proven ingredients blended natural herb in the best formulation. it contains garlic which gets rid of belly fat. Ginger, which lowers cholesterol significantly reducing serum hepatic cholesterol levels. Lemon increases the production of enzymes which burn fat. Cinnamon is thermogenic which produces heat through metabolic stimulation and certain appetite.


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    Almond Honey prepared by mixing oil extracted from raw almond by cold process with unprocessed raw honey.  It is a super food and is rich in nutrients and  Lower Cholesterol as it rich  Rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids


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    Cinnamon and Honey

    Cinnamon and Honey is an  all natural organic product made by infusing Organic Cinnamon and honey. Cinnamon is a very old spice used in the world and the combination of the two makes it very powerful for weight loss and any other problem. Consuming cinnamon honey early in the morning on empty stomach before breakfast regularly will reduce your weight and prevent the accumulation of fat in the body.


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    Garlic Honey

    Garlic Honey is prepared by blending garlic oil extracted from garlic roots with unpasteurized honey. Garlic also is known as allium activism is the oldest know known medicinal plant or spice. It contains the medicinal compound allicin which is responsible for its pungent taste. Consuming garlic honey after a heavy non-vegetarian food can help in digestion and prevents accumulation of cholesterol.

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    Ginger Honey prepared by blending the oil extracted from organic ginger and blending with unprocessed honey. Ginger is an underground Rhizome belonging to the family Zingiberaceae commonly produced in India. The combination of ginger and honey is an excellent cough suppressant and provides instant relief from a cough, cold, sore throat, and runny nose. Drinking this combination will clean the respiratory system effectively.

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    Moringa Honey

    Moringa honey is nectar  collected by the bees from moringa flowers. It is dark in colour rich in taste and  is filled with vitamins and minerals which improve overall health to the body. consume daily to avail the benefits of moringa honey


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    Neem Honey

    Neem honey is collected by wild bees from the flower of Neem tree present in the dense forest regions of central India and the Western Ghats by the tribal people. This area is famous for rich medicinal herbs where folk medicine healers make their Ayurvedic medicines.   It is good blood purifier and purifies the blood from toxins


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    Raw Honey

    Raw Honey is the concentrated liquid collected directly from the Bee comb, and it is unheated unprocessed and unpasteurized honey preserving all the enzymes, bee pollen, and propolis which is beneficial for our health. The honey that is not heated to cut back moisture is known as raw honey.


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    Tulsi Honey is prepared by infusing Krishna tulsi leaves with unprocessed honey. Tulsi also knows as the holy basil or Ocimum sanctum is a common plant found in every house of India. Tulsi had been used in Ayurveda for thousand of centuries for its medicinal properties and mentioned in Charaka Samhita. Honey an elixir, when mixed with Tulsi, works out wonders for your body and mind. It strengthens the immune system and reduces stress and induces sleep when consumes at night with hot water


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