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What is  the difference between  Organic honey, Natural Honey and pure honey?

Natural honey, pure honey, organic honey and raw honey the Myth explained to you

Honey is a natural substance collected by bees from the nectar of the flowers and stored in the beehives.

but why there is so much complication in buying the honey from the market, The labels of bottles mentioning as natural honey, pure honey, organic honey and raw honey can make the consumer get confusing about the product.

Do not be fooled by the marketing gimmicks employed the multinational companies  in the commercial market

Still confusing or sounds complicated to you?

Pure Honey

With pure honey,

The term pure in dictionary means not mixed with any other material, free of contamination

no additional ingredients

Pure honey is the term used for a product which contains only honey and no sugar, corn syrup or any flavoring agent added. Pure honey is also be labeled acacia honey, litchi honey eucalyptus honey, sunflower honey, multiflora honey depending on which plant the bees collect the nectar. The Natural beekeeper keep their beehives close to certain plants and trees to collect the type of honey they require An example is Neem honey and Tulsi honey

Organic Honey

organic honey is where the beekeepers keep their collection of honey standards high. The honey is collected from pesticide-free areas and antibiotic free bees.

The two main criteria for labeling honey organic from government certified bodies and 3rd party certified agencies

  • The surrounding areas where the beehives located and the bees fly around must be completely certified organic and must contain any pesticide or chemicals.
  • The beehives used by the beekeepers must be completely free of chemicals or synthetic materials

A good example of organic honey is our Wild Honey which is collected from forest areas where the human intervention is minimum

Natural Honey

Since honey is natural substance manufactured by the bees, it is termed as natural honey. what the company or the farmer does to the natural honey after collection can change its constituents and lose its originality. Honey that is minimally processed or heated is termed as Raw honey

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