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Raw Honey

Raw Honey is the concentrated liquid collected directly from the Bee comb and it is unheated unprocessed and unpasteurized honey preserving all the enzymes, bee pollen and propolis which is beneficial for our health



 Difference between raw honey and processed honey

Raw Organic Honey is crude honey which is taken from Combs’ cells. It is not pure and contains particles like dead bees, legs, pollen particles, wings, legs, pieces of wax and other impurities. To remove the impurities the raw honey is strained with a mesh bag. It needs to be prepared with organic management systems as per the organic farming standards. It must:

  • Should not be heated beyond 95 degrees F
  • Not be pasteurized
  • Be stored in light brown amber colour glass jars i.e. organic recipients.

Most of the honey we consume today is processed but Raw Honey is pure, unheated, unpasteurized and unfiltered honey made by bees from the nectar of the flowers. It has unbelievable nutritional values and health benefits. It also contains 5,000 enzymes, natural nutrients, phytonutrients, 22 amino acids and natural vitamins and also is the richest source of antioxidants and 27 minerals.

This unpasteurized  honey has played a vital role in human’s life for more than 10,000 years. It has been used in religious ceremonies, healing medicines and cultural traditions. It boosts up energy, solves sleep problems, reduces seasonal allergies etc. As the antioxidant levels are high raw honey becomes crystallized or granulated after few months.

Some of the characteristics of unpasteurized  honey are:

  • The colour and characteristics of raw honey depend on the type of flower from where the nectar came from.
  • It is opaque or milky in colour
  • The colour varies from white to yellow and even to brown
  • It has strong flavour and has most medicinal values
  • It has an intense taste with medium sweetness and it leaves a lingering taste for some time after consuming it.

Raw honey health benefits

  • It contains ingredients that are likely to those found in fruits, as it becomes alkaline in the digestive system
  • Antioxidants in the raw honey are very high and they boost the immune system in the human body.
  • It is a natural sleep aid; it lessens the health problems naturally.
  • Mixed with lemon and ginger juices, it immediately relieves nausea and provides ample of energy.
  • A half tea spoon of raw honey at bedtime reduces a cough and sore throat drastically.
  • Raw honey in combination with cinnamon is one of the best remedies to keep diabetes under control.
  • It’s used as a spread on bread or waffles and used in coffee or tea as a sweetener.

Buy this special product from us and enjoy the yummy taste along with its exclusive health benefits.

Raw honey is different from our wild honey as the later is collected from bees present in the wild forest

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