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Wild Honey


Wild honey collected from the untouched forest of India away from modern human intervention where the flora and fauna are free from the pollutants and toxins of modern civilization. The native people collect wild honey from the wild forest of Western Ghats. The honey is dark and rich in taste and colour since the bees collect from the local wild flowers because of which the texture varies

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what are the types of wild honey?

 Wild honey is no different from other honey. It is still obtained from the bees. The key difference lies in the method of obtaining it, and its distinct flavour and number of benefits that it brings to us. It is known by other names too, like honeydew honey or tree honey. It is obtained by the secretion of the sugary excretion of the insects that feed on plant or tree sap. However, more focus is given to tree saps than plant saps accounting to the reason that the tree contains more snaps than plants thus attracting the bees to feed on it.

The bees feed on the sap and intake the sugary substance and other vital nutrients. Afterwards, they digest these tree saps and excrete a sugary substance that sticks to the tree. This sticky substance is called honeydew, hence the name honeydew honey. The honeydew is then collected by the honey harvesters. However, people often believe that it is obtained from the tree which is not true. This ambiguity occurs because the honeydew is collected from the tree that appears like the sap of the tree, leading people to think that Wild honey is obtained from the tree and not the bees. The honey is dark in colour, and sticky in nature.

Wild honey is famous for its delicious taste. Not only that it tastes good, but the aroma is sufficient to bring water in your mouth. It is said that darker the colour of the honeydew is, the more delicious the honey will be. Apart from this, the Wild honey is sweet in taste. It tastes also depends on the tree sap and the bees. No matter what, it is never bad and the aroma always tickles your taste buds.

Benefits Of Wild Honey

There are a number of benefits of Wild Honey. The nutrients that the bees intake from the tree saps is also retained in the honeydew. The tree also benefits from it. Following are some of the benefits of the Wild honey-

  • Rich and nutrients
  • It has antioxidants thus helping the body fight diseases
  • Since Wild honey is sugary, therefore it gives instant energy to the body
  • It is a blessing in disguise for the people who suffer from throat soreness
  • Wild honey helps you in maintaining a fine skin free of acne or pores. It is highly recommended for good skin.

All these benefits make it a necessity honey product to be bought. However, there is one risk involved that is, if the source of the honeydew honey, that is the tree on which the bee feeds contains pollen or is noxious, then surely this will be leading the Wild honey to be precarious. Hence, the source must be known.

The Wild honey will be sold in hexagonal containers giving it an attractive look and resembling the honey bee’s house. Also, apart from this, there are a number of different products in honey that are available. you can our Raw honey which is collected directly from beehives and bottled in jars

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